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About us

In 2003 VSI „ Nepriklausomi garso režisieriai“ ( „Independent Sound Engineers“) was founded by professionals – sound engineers with wide experience in sound mixing and providing sound equipment  for various  events.

The main area of our activity is organization of sound service  for complex events  requiring large amount of resources and experience. We work together with organizers of an event while planning it, thus formulating technical requirements for the sound  of the event. Our sound engineers  and technicians maintain  events starting from equipment selecting, commutation, sound check, rehearsals, and up to providing service during the show. We cooperate closely with all Lithuanian rental companies, therefore we can offer an equipment package of optimal configuration for our customers.

In 2008 we have founded company  “NGR servisas” ( lith.: Nepriklausomų garso režisierių servisas; eng.: Independent sound engineers  service). The main reason of this action is the following – Lithuanian sound rental companies have been able to provide only a medium class equipment for small and medium events – jazz festivals, classics concerts, modern music concerts. Seeking to satisfy demands for highest quality of sound amplification for   small and medium events we have purchased Meyer sound equipment set. We are proud to be the first company in Lithuania which is an official partner of Meyer sound in renting sound equipment.

Since 2008 we operated numerous events which have required especially high quality equipment and highly professional sound engineers.

Some events to mention:

  • Jazz - festivals „Mama jazz; „Vilnius Jazz“ "Birštonas Jazz"
  • Rock –„Obituary“, „Kreator“  
  • Modern music – opera "Sun and Sea", festivals „Gaida“, „Jauna muzika“
  • Festvals - "Capital days" , „Mėnuo juodaragis“, "Granatos", "Devil stone"
  • Song celebration of Lithuania - evening of ensembles YEARS in Kalnų park, Baltic states student song celebration "Gaudeamus"
  • Theatre– festival „Sirenos“
  • Musicals - "The Legend of Sigismund Augustus and Barbora Radvilaitė", "King Mindaugas"

We will not list all the events, however, one can be sure – musicians, organizers and audience in every show received sound service of highest quality.